Wannan motor _Z4 series DC motor


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Power Range: 1

机座号: 1

电压: 1

工作制: S

绝缘等级: F

励磁方式: �

额定转速: 3


Suitable for: all kinds of mechanical transmission, such as metallurgy, machine tool,papermaking, printing, textile, printing and dyeing, cement, machinery and other industries.

Features: speed and stable performance, good, capable of reducing the armature voltage constant torque speed or decrease downward excitation current constant power to speed, wide speed range, high, low rotating speed ratio can reach 1:200; the volume is small, the weight is light; the output power is large, strong overload capacity.

Conditions of use: 1 elevation not exceeding 1000m. Ambient temperature of not more than +40 DEG C; 2 work environment should not be acidic, alkaline or other corrosive effect on insulating gas. 3 motor consists of a static rectifier power supply, can also be used in DC generator power supply. 4 standard excitation voltage 180V, allow forcedexcitation, strong dynamic voltage not exceeding 500V.

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